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a female friend.
a girlfriend or female lover.
Contemporary Examples

The Daily Pic: amie Siegel’s new video shows us how utopian treasures become fancy goods.
Watching Le Corbusier Become Fabergé Blake Gopnik September 30, 2013

amie Siegel’s new video shows us how utopian treasures become fancy goods.
The Best of 2013’s Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik Blake Gopnik December 25, 2013

Historical Examples

Under which mass of overwhelming proofs of nationality the amie du Drapeau gave in.
Under Two Flags Ouida [Louise de la Ramee]

“Mon amie, I do not myself see how that signifies,” said he in reply.
Johnny Ludlow, Fifth Series Mrs. Henry Wood

Gawain’s amie next underwent the test, then Ywain’s, then Perceval’s.
The English and Scottish Popular Ballads (Volume I of 5) Various

Flirtation is a crooked business, and you are straight, mon amie.
A Safety Match Ian Hay

I will explain it to you after, mon amie, when this anger shall have passed away.
Chicot the Jester Alexandre Dumas, Pere

In the next scene we find amie suffering from the effect of Karol’s kiss.
Pastoral Poetry and Pastoral Drama Walter W. Greg

He found the whole correspondence of Bonapartes victim with his friend, as the worthy magistrate put it: avec son amie.
Old and New Paris, v. 1 Henry Sutherland Edwards

Yet there were tales told in the barrack-yards and under canvas of the little amie du Drapeau that had a gentler side.
Under Two Flags Ouida [Louise de la Ramee]

a female friend


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