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a person affected by amnesia.
Also, amnesic
[am-nee-sik, -zik] /æmˈni sɪk, -zɪk/ (Show IPA). displaying the symptoms of amnesia.
Contemporary Examples

Some have compared him with Jason Bourne, the amnesiac contract assassin who made Matt Damon a household name.
Has Bond Lost His Balls? Matthew Oshinsky November 2, 2008

“You can’t compare babies to amnesiac adults,” says Rovee-Collier.
What Your Baby Remembers Heather Turgeon November 8, 2010

“Welcome to the amnesiac wing,” he begins, in the voice of a tour guide.
The Stacks: Robin Williams, More Than A Shtick Figure Joe Morgenstern August 15, 2014


“one affected by amnesia,” 1913, from amnesia (q.v.).

amnesiac am·ne·si·ac (ām-nē’zē-āk’, -zhē-āk’)
One who is afflicted with amnesia.


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