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not involving questions of right or wrong; without quality; neither nor immoral.
having no standards, restraints, or principles; unaware of or indifferent to questions of right or wrong:
a completely amoral person.
Contemporary Examples

The responses were telling in their casuistry, their amorality, their evasiveness.
The Hearing From Hell Tunku Varadarajan April 26, 2010

Murdoch is endlessly fascinating to watch because his talents and brilliance are equaled only by his amorality.
Murdoch’s Dark Arts Tina Brown July 10, 2011

Historical Examples

And this she can do without the least qualms of conscience, in virtue of her firm belief in the amorality of political conduct.
England and Germany Emile Joseph Dillon

She consoled herself suddenly with the thought that her amorality was a characteristic of the superman.
A Bed of Roses W. L. George

having no moral quality; nonmoral
without moral standards or principles

“ethically indifferent,” 1882, a hybrid formed from Greek privative prefix a- “not” (see a- (3)) + moral, which is derived from Latin. First used by Robert Louis Stephenson (1850-1894) as a differentiation from immoral.


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