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Amusement arcade

(Brit) a covered area having coin-operated game machines


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  • Amusement park

    a large park equipped with such recreational devices as a merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, roller coaster, etc., and usually having booths for games and refreshments. noun an open-air entertainment area consisting of stalls, side shows, etc

  • Amusement tax

    a tax levied on such forms of entertainment as motion pictures, theater, etc., and included in the total admission price.

  • Amusia

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    pleasantly entertaining or diverting: an amusing speaker. causing laughter or mirth; humorously entertaining: an amusing joke. to hold the attention of (someone) pleasantly; entertain or divert in an enjoyable or cheerful manner: She amused the guests with witty conversation. to cause mirth, laughter, or the like, in: The comedian amused the audience with a steady […]

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