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Analgesia dolorosa

analgesia dolorosa

analgesia dolorosa analgesia do·lo·ro·sa (dō’lə-rō’sə)
See analgesia algera.


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  • Analgesic

    a remedy that relieves or allays pain. of, relating to, or causing , or the relief of pain. Historical Examples (analgesic and Antipyretic): 16—32 ♏, pure or with equal parts glycerin or oil. Merck’s 1899 Manual Merck & Co. adjective of or causing analgesia noun a substance that produces analgesia adj. “tending to remove pain,” […]

  • Analgetic

    see analgesic. analgetic an·al·get·ic (ān’əl-jět’ĭk) n. See analgesic. adj. Having altered pain perception.

  • Anality

    the condition or quality of having an ; collectively, the personality traits characteristic of the stage of psychosexual development. anality a·nal·i·ty (ā-nāl’ĭ-tē) n. The psychological state derived from and characteristic of the anal period of psychosexual development.

  • Anallergic

    anallergic anallergic an·al·ler·gic (ān’ə-lûr’jĭk) adj. Not allergic.

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