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the name of one of the cities of refuge, in the tribe of Benjamin (Josh. 21:18). The Jews, as a rule, did not change the names of the towns they found in Palestine; hence this town may be regarded as deriving its name from the goddess Anat. It was the native place of Abiezer, one of David’s “thirty” (2 Sam. 23:27), and of Jehu, another of his mighty men (1 Chr. 12:3). It is chiefly notable, however, as the birth-place and usual residence of Jeremiah (Jer. 1:1; 11:21-23; 29:27; 32:7-9). It suffered greatly from the army of Sennacherib, and only 128 men returned to it from the Exile (Neh. 7:27; Ezra 2:23). It lay about 3 miles north of Jerusalem. It has been identified with the small and poor village of ‘Anata, containing about 100 inhabitants.

Historical Examples

Jeremiah himself, for instance, would have had no more hesitation in drinking wine than in sowing his field at anathoth.
Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Jeremiah William Henry Bennett

It is Jeremiah, the son of Hilkiah, of the priests in anathoth.
Jeremiah Stefan Zweig

He was born in anathoth, a little village of Judæa, and being the son of a priest was consecrated to the priesthood from birth.
Michelangelo Estelle M. Hurll

He banished him as a “man of death” to his inheritance at anathoth.
The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI) Max Duncker

Between the Ashtaroth and the anathoth the difference was but in name.
Patriarchal Palestine Archibald Henry Sayce

It would seem as if anathoth were less corrupt than the capital, the moral state of which so shocked Jeremiah.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 15, Slice 3 Various

His uncle Shallum and the latter’s son Hanameel (his mother’s relations) possessed landed property in anathoth.
History of the Jews, Vol. I (of 6) Heinrich Graetz

We next hear of Baruch in connection with the symbolic purchase of the field at anathoth.
Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Jeremiah William Henry Bennett

But the difference will not affect my point, which is that the words seem to imply the contingency of Jeremiah’s leaving anathoth.
The Expositor’s Bible: The Prophecies of Jeremiah C J Ball

Jeremiah shows special concern for Benjamin, in whose territory his native anathoth was situated.
Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Jeremiah William Henry Bennett


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