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  • Anatol

    a male given name: from a Greek word meaning “sunrise.”. Contemporary Examples In due course, Anatol Lieven reviewed the book in The Nation, and he called us all out as liberal hawks. Iraq Ten Years After Michael Tomasky March 17, 2013 Historical Examples The end of this journey was Borjom, where he intended to pass […]

  • France

    Anatole [a-na-tawl] /a naˈtɔl/ (Show IPA), (Jacques Anatole Thibault) 1844–1924, French novelist and essayist: Nobel Prize 1921. a republic in W Europe. 212,736 sq. mi. (550,985 sq. km). Capital: Paris. Heraldry. fleurs-de-lis or upon azure: a bordure of France. Contemporary Examples More than 800 witnesses in Britain, Iraq, Switzerland, Italy and France have been interviewed. […]

  • Anatolia

    a vast plateau between the Black and the Mediterranean seas: in ancient usage, synonymous with the peninsula of Asia Minor; in modern usage, applied to Turkey in Asia. Contemporary Examples A good-looking woman, she maintained a no-nonsense approach on her pioneering digs in south-east Anatolia. The Week in Death: The First Muslim Female Olympian Snubbed […]

  • Anatolian

    of or relating to , its inhabitants, or their language. of, relating to, or belonging to the Anatolian group or family of languages. a native or inhabitant of . any of various Turkish dialects spoken in . a group or family of extinct languages that includes cuneiform Hittite and its nearest congeners, as Lycian, Lydian, […]

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