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to cut apart (an animal or plant) to show or examine the position, structure, and relation of the parts; display the of; dissect.
to examine in great detail; analyze minutely:
The couple anatomized their new neighbor.
Historical Examples

Old Burton will rise from his grave, if there be any virtue in Pythagoreanism, to anatomize these poems.
The Catholic World; Vol. IV.; October, 1866, to March, 1867. E. Rameur

I offer not to counsel them who meet in consultation for my body now, but I open my infirmities, I anatomize my body to them.
Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions John Donne

To probe the stars was to him a simpler process than to anatomize the globe upon which he stood.
Lippincott’s Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. 17, No. 97, January, 1876 Various

With them on it did he anatomize these bodie-wanting mots, Dulce puella malum est.
The Unfortunate Traveller, or The Life Of Jack Wilton Thomas Nash

Her strangest mood of the tender cruelty was when the passion to anatomize him beset her.
The Tragic Comedians, Complete George Meredith

verb (transitive)
to dissect (an animal or plant)
to examine in minute detail

“to dissect, investigate by dissection,” early 15c., from Medieval Latin anatomizare or French anatomiser (16c.), from Greek anatomia (see anatomy). Related: Anatomized; anatomizing.

anatomize a·nat·o·mize (ə-nāt’ə-mīz’)
v. a·nat·o·mized, a·nat·o·miz·ing, a·nat·o·miz·es
To dissect an animal or other organism to study the structure and relation of the parts.


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