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Anchor bed

a sloping, slightly projecting platform on the forecastle of a ship, for supporting an anchor when not in use.


Read Also:

  • Anchor bell

    a bell rung in foggy weather by a vessel at anchor.

  • Anchor bend

    . a knot made by taking a round turn on the object to which the rope is to be fastened, passing the end of the rope around the standing part and under the round turn, and securing the end. noun a knot used to fasten a rope to an anchor, ring, or spar

  • Anchor bolt

    any of several kinds of bolts inserted and fixed in masonry as a hold for timbers, shelves, etc. Historical Examples The forms were removed by divers who loosened the anchor bolt wedges. Concrete Construction Halbert P. Gillette The trouble is that that would not have been too good for the anchor bolt. Thin Edge Gordon […]

  • Anchor buoy

    a buoy used to indicate the location of an underwater anchor. Historical Examples He got into a rowboat brought by an attendant, and tied the plane to an anchor buoy. The Electronic Mind Reader John Blaine

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