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Anchor span

(on a suspension or cantilever bridge) a span from an anchorage to the nearest pier or tower.


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    anchor splint anchor splint an·chor splint (āng’kər) n. A splint used for a fracture of the jaw, with wires around the teeth and a rod to hold it in place.

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    (def 8).

  • Anchor watch

    a deck watch maintained by the crew of a ship at anchor. Historical Examples Then, as soon as the fishermen had departed, all hands except the anchor watch went to breakfast. The Cruise of the Nonsuch Buccaneer Harry Collingwood This is the yarn I listened to on anchor watch thirty years ago. The Grain Ship […]

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    a woman who anchors a program of news, sports, etc.; anchor. noun (pl) -women (sport) the last woman in a team to compete, esp in a relay race Also called anchor, presenter. (in broadcasting) a woman in a central studio who links up and maintains contact with various outside camera units, reporters, etc

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