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variant of .


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  • Anchylose

    verb a former spelling of ankylose

  • Anchylosis

    n. “stiffness of joints,” 1713, from Greek ankylos “crooked” (see angle (n.)) + -osis. Historical Examples anchylosis was established, and he left for England with a useful limb. A Treatise on Gunshot Wounds Thomas Longmore The end result is one of anchylosis of the joint and permanent lameness. Diseases of the Horse’s Foot Harry Caulton […]

  • Anchylostomiasis

    noun a variant of ancylostomiasis

  • Ancien regime

    the political and social system of France before the revolution of 1789. the system of government during this period. Contemporary Examples We’ve forgotten the persistence of what many dismiss as America’s ancien regime. Behind the Brooke Astor Affair Michael Gross November 16, 2008 Historical Examples She is quite indifferent to coquetry, this grande dame of […]

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