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Spanish Andalucía
[ahn-dah-loo-thee-ah, -see-ah] /ˌɑn dɑ luˈθi ɑ, -ˈsi ɑ/ (Show IPA). a region in S Spain, bordering on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. 33,712 sq. mi. (87,314 sq. km).
a city in S Alabama.
Contemporary Examples

We see it in the history of Andalusia and Cordoba during the Inquisition.
Obama’s Egypt Address The Daily Beast Video June 3, 2009

Historical Examples

It is considered that with facilities for irrigation Andalusia could produce 150,000 bales annually.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 5 Various

Adela Miranda has in her veins the purest sangre azul of Andalusia.
The Lone Ranche Captain Mayne Reid

Whether the Vandals occupied Andalusia to the comparative exclusion of the Goths is uncertain.
The Ethnology of Europe Robert Gordon Latham

It’s like going into another world to journey from Andalusia into western Spain.
Getting to know Spain Dee Day

Alfonso was gone into Andalusia against the Moors, unaccompanied by the Cid, whom sickness detained at home.
The History of Chivalry, Volume II (of 2) Charles Mills

Granada is the city in Andalusia which the Moors loved most and held longest.
Getting to know Spain Dee Day

Never again would Cordova be called the “Bride of Andalusia.”
A Short History of Spain Mary Platt Parmele

Are the Madonnas of Murillo anything but a transcript of the women of Andalusia?
Rembrandt and His Works John Burnet

These mandates exasperated the Moriscoes throughout Andalusia.
The Story of Seville Walter M. Gallichan

a region of S Spain, on the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, with the Sierra Morena in the north, the Sierra Nevada in the southeast, and the Guadalquivir River flowing over fertile lands between them; a centre of Moorish civilization; it became an autonomous region in 1981. Area: about 87 280 sq km (33 700 sq miles) Spanish name Andalucía (andaluˈθia)

former name of southern Spain, from Spanish, from Arabic al Andalus, name for the entire peninsula, from Late Latin *Vandalicia “the country of the Vandals,” in reference to one of the Germanic tribes that overran the Western Empire 3c.-4c. and for a time settled in southern Spain. See vandal.


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