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Spanish Andalucía
[ahn-dah-loo-thee-ah, -see-ah] /ˌɑn dɑ luˈθi ɑ, -ˈsi ɑ/ (Show IPA). a region in S Spain, bordering on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. 33,712 sq. mi. (87,314 sq. km).
a city in S Alabama.
Historical Examples

The andalusian apologizes to you for not wearing a coat and round hat.
The Cross of Berny Emile de Girardin

The andalusian type has lost nothing in the northern provinces of Mexico.
Wood Rangers Mayne Reid

And now do let him rest, commanded Tia Marta, folding her bright-hued andalusian shawl into a pillow for the white head.
In Sunny Spain with Pilarica and Rafael Katharine Lee Bates

Nay, of andalusian, and consequently of Arabian, origin she must be.
The Book of Khalid Ameen Rihani

The andalusian started to ride slowly back to his station, when the Count summoned him again.
God Wills It! William Stearns Davis

Meanwhile the press in Madrid laments the incultura of the andalusian peasants.
Rosinante to the Road Again John Dos Passos

Fernan Caballero had another andalusian version besides this.
The English and Scottish popular ballads (Volume II of 5) Various

I am quite sure it is the secret of the andalusian’s poise and walk.
From Edinburgh to India & Burmah William G. Burn Murdoch

The andalusian looked at the girl who stood puzzled and waiting.
The Lighted Match Charles Neville Buck

It is said to have originated from the small andalusian horse and the Chinese mare.
The Philippine Islands John Foreman

a region of S Spain, on the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, with the Sierra Morena in the north, the Sierra Nevada in the southeast, and the Guadalquivir River flowing over fertile lands between them; a centre of Moorish civilization; it became an autonomous region in 1981. Area: about 87 280 sq km (33 700 sq miles) Spanish name Andalucía (andaluˈθia)

former name of southern Spain, from Spanish, from Arabic al Andalus, name for the entire peninsula, from Late Latin *Vandalicia “the country of the Vandals,” in reference to one of the Germanic tribes that overran the Western Empire 3c.-4c. and for a time settled in southern Spain. See vandal.


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