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Andaman islands

a group of islands of India in the E part of the Bay of Bengal, W of the Malay Peninsula, part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 2508 sq. mi. (6496 sq. km).
Contemporary Examples

At the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean, you can snorkel with a retired Asian elephant Rajan.
The World’s Craziest Underwater Adventures Nina Strochlic May 13, 2014

Historical Examples

The Andaman Islands, where dwells one of the lowest races of mankind, interested me greatly.
My Life in Many States and in Foreign Lands George Francis Train

On the Andaman Islands there is no sex taboo for the unmarried and they use license.
Folkways William Graham Sumner

A convict in the Andaman Islands tried the same game, but he could not escape my system!
Seven Short Plays Lady Gregory

Is a native of the Andaman Islands the superior of Socrates?
Hours in a Library Leslie Stephen

The Mincopies of the Andaman Islands are among the most interesting of the negritos.
Oriental Women Edward Bagby Pollard

The Andaman Islands and the Seychelles are its westernmost limits.
Boating W. B. Woodgate

I may want to go to Timbuctoo, or to Andaman Islands or something.
The Diva’s Ruby F. Marion Crawford

When I was (p. 160) in the Andaman Islands, my system never failed.
One-Act Plays Various

At the Andaman Islands fish are captured by the convicts by means of weirs fixed across the openings of creeks.
Animal Intelligence George J. Romanes

plural noun
a group of islands in the E Bay of Bengal, part of the Indian territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Area: 6408 sq km (2474 sq miles). Pop: 314 804 (2001)


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