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slightly faster than andante.
an andantino movement or piece.
Historical Examples

At her solicitation he took her place at the instrument, and executed the andantino as few but professional artists could do.
Samuel Brohl & Company Victor Cherbuliez

And again, it has a coda pausing on the dominant chord and followed by an andantino.
The Pianoforte Sonata J.S. Shedlock

Yes, I think it IS very sweet—and very solemn and impressive, if you get the andantino and the pianissimo right.
The $30,000 Bequest and Other Stories Mark Twain

andantino gallantement, a crisp, staccato melody, with middle section in D major.
Nicolo Paganini: His Life and Work Stephen Samuel Stratton

Especially graceful and tender is the andantino, accompanied only by a quartet.
Life Of Mozart, Vol. 2 (of 3) Otto Jahn

The andantino which follows offers a strong contrast to both movements of the concertante.
Life Of Mozart, Vol. 2 (of 3) Otto Jahn

Andante (going, or walking, as contrasted with running) and andantino—indicating a moderately slow tempo.
Music Notation and Terminology Karl W. Gehrkens

The andantino (3-8), which follows is lighter in tone, and well expresses alternations of repulsion and attraction.
Life Of Mozart, Vol. 1 (of 3) Otto Jahn

The second movement, andantino con brio, in two-four measure is as bright and sparkling as the corresponding movement in No. 3.
Nicolo Paganini: His Life and Work Stephen Samuel Stratton

The second movement, andantino Marziale, is taken from the opera Undine.
The Life & Letters of Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky Modeste Tchaikovsky

adjective, adverb
(to be performed) slightly faster, or slightly more slowly, than andante
noun (pl) -nos
a passage or piece to be performed in this manner


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