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(def 2).


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  • Anent

    in regard to; about; concerning. British. beside; in line with. Historical Examples anent the Irish bull, we may quote an Irishman’s answer when asked to define a bull. Jokes For All Occasions Anonymous Gleason once discovered, anent the club-room, that she had a temper. Marion’s Faith. Charles King Soon, something I had said anent his […]

  • Anepigraphic

    (of a coin, artifact, etc.) without a legend or inscription.

  • Anephric

    anephric anephric a·neph·ric (ā-něf’rĭk, ə-něf’-) adj. Lacking kidneys.

  • Aner

    . Historical Examples The words arren (male) and aner (man) also contain a similar allusion to the same principle of the upward flux (te ano rhon). Cratylus Plato determiner, pronoun, noun a Scottish word for one a boy. (1.) A Canaanitish chief who joined his forces with those of Abraham in pursuit of Chedorlaomer (Gen. […]

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