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a river in the S Russian Federation in Asia, flowing NW from Lake Baikal to the Yenisei River: called Upper Tunguska in its lower course. 1151 miles (1855 km) long.
Historical Examples

It is in the bottom of the Angara and contiguous to its shores where the first solidifications appear.
From Paris to Pekin over Siberian Snows Victor Meignan

Skirted the river Angara for a long distance in early morning.
Through Siberia and Manchuria By Rail Oliver George Ready

Hiring a small boat, with a crew of seven men, he crossed the lake to the mouth of the river Angara.
Some Heroes of Travel W. H. Davenport Adams

Many rivers run into the lake, the only outflow being by the Angara.
Condemned as a Nihilist George Alfred Henty

From the Yenisei, the Angara would be used to its source in the Baikal lake.
The Siberian Overland Route from Peking to Petersburg, Alexander Michie

For all these reasons he had determined on making for the Angara.
Condemned as a Nihilist George Alfred Henty

The town again appears to good advantage from the left bank of the Angara.
The Siberian Overland Route from Peking to Petersburg, Alexander Michie

Angara, a tributary of the Yenisei, which passes through Lake Baikal.
The Nuttall Encyclopaedia Edited by Rev. James Wood

Not daring to run the risk of a battle under the walls of Irkutsk, they immediately broke up the Angara camp.
Michael Strogoff Jules Verne

The Angara was occasionally illuminated from one bank to the other.
Michael Strogoff Jules Verne

a river in S Russia, in Siberia, flowing from Lake Baikal north and west to the Yenisei River: important for hydroelectric power. Length: 1840 km (1150 miles)


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