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of or belonging to :
the angelic host.
like or befitting an , especially in virtue, beauty, etc.:
angelic sweetness.
Contemporary Examples

We understand—who would want to give up the angelic Keita, even if it means raising a cuckoo?
The Oscar International Film Festival: ‘Stranger By the Lake’ and Foreign Films You Should Watch Jimmy So February 1, 2014

The stream of bubbly from the popped champagne bottle creates an angelic arc over her, and lands right in the glass.
Kim Kardashian Bares Her Shiny, Bounteous Butt, Breaks the Internet Marlow Stern November 11, 2014

Her lively personality was a surprising contrast to her angelic beauty.
Elizabeth Taylor’s Greatest Gift Harry Benson March 23, 2011

And while the angelic Fetherston may look like a naïve Alice, she is much more of an all-knowing Cheshire Cat.
Erin Fetherston’s Fairytales Katharine Zarrella June 30, 2009

Bieber and Joffrey both have angelic faces that we kind of want to punch.
Justin Bieber is the Joffrey Baratheon of Our Time Amy Zimmerman March 24, 2014

Historical Examples

She looked round with eyes widened by their angelic candour.
The Helpmate May Sinclair

They penned me up here with these saintly mothers and these angelic children.
City of Endless Night Milo Hastings

The world’s queen, the dazzling idol of the ball-room, is not my blue-eyed, angelic Irene of old!
Macaria Augusta Jane Evans Wilson

It is an angelic delicacy, which sets you above all our sex, and even above your own.
Clarissa, Volume 3 (of 9) Samuel Richardson

The angelic Thomas Aquinas commented on him, and many others followed the saints steps.
Chaucer’s Translation of Boethius’s ‘De Consolatione Philosophiae’ Geoffrey Chaucer

of or relating to angels
Also angelical. resembling an angel in beauty, purity, etc

late 15c., “pertaining to angels,” from Old French angelique “angelic” (Modern French angélique (13c.), from Latin angelicus, from Greek angelikos “angelic,” from angelos (see angel). Meaning “angel-like” is from late 14c.; sense of “wonderfully pure, sweet” is recorded from early 16c. Related: Angelically.


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