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another word for angledug


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  • Anglia

    Latin name of . Historical Examples For a study of them, see the article by Lentzner in Anglia, vol. English Verse Raymond MacDonald Alden, Ph.D. This Epistle of the Author, was written from Anglia, to the inhabitants of the world. Dr. Stearns’s Tour from London to Paris Samuel Stearns For a full discussion of all […]

  • Anglian

    Also, Anglic. of or relating to the Angles or to . an Angle. the northern and central group of Old English dialects, spoken in Northumbria and Mercia. Historical Examples Tradition hath it that at the Anglian advent into this district, the worship of Woden was first set up in a grove at Wednesfield. The Annals […]

  • Anglic

    the English language in a simplified spelling devised by R. E. Zachrisson (1880–1937), a Swedish philologist, to make English easier to use as an auxiliary language. About 40 of the most frequent words are kept in their usual spellings; the rest of the vocabulary is spelled phonetically with letters of the traditional 26-letter alphabet. (def […]

  • Anglican

    of or relating to the Church of England. related in origin to and in communion with the Church of England, as various Episcopal churches in other parts of the world. (def 1). a member of the Church of England or of a church in communion with it. a person who upholds the system or teachings […]

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