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of or relating to the Church of England.
related in origin to and in communion with the Church of England, as various Episcopal churches in other parts of the world.
(def 1).
a member of the Church of England or of a church in communion with it.
a person who upholds the system or teachings of the Church of England.
Contemporary Examples

Britain is not illegitimate because it has a cross on its flag and an Anglican head of a state.
The Real Problem With the American Studies Association’s Boycott of Israel Peter Beinart December 16, 2013

Livingstone had now initiated two missions, one led by the first Anglican bishop to visit central Africa.
Dr. Livingstone, I Presume? The Victorian Explorer at 200 Tim Jeal March 18, 2013

By his dress he was an Anglican Bishop; but I noticed that he cast a shadow.
Twain’s Conversations with Satan Mark Twain April 25, 2009

Something called the i-church is the first Internet community to be fully recognized as an Anglican church.
A Tweeting Pope Raises Questions About Social Media’s Effect on the Church Lawrence M. Krauss September 10, 2013

In Britain, there are plans for the first women bishops to be ordained in the Anglican Church as soon as 2014.
What About Women, Pope Francis? Janine di Giovanni July 31, 2013

Historical Examples

Poetry becomes more ascetic and mystical, and this feeling takes shelter alike in the Anglican and in the Roman faith.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 6 Various

Newbury had been brought up in a home steeped in high Anglican tradition.
The Coryston Family Mrs. Humphry Ward

It had already been adopted by the American branch of the Anglican communion.
A History of the English Church in New Zealand Henry Thomas Purchas

These portions or branches were mainly three:—the Greek, Latin, and Anglican.
Apologia Pro Vita Sua John Henry Cardinal Newman

Jefferson calls the Federalists “an Anglican, monarchical & aristocratical party.”
The Life of John Marshall (Volume 2 of 4) Albert J. Beveridge

denoting or relating to the Anglican communion
a member of the Church of England or one of the Churches in full communion with it

1630s, “of the reformed Church of England” (opposed to Roman), from Medieval Latin Anglicanus, from Anglicus “of the English people, of England” (see anglicize). The noun meaning “adherent of the reformed Church of England” is first recorded 1797.


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