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an earthworm, as used for bait in .
Contemporary Examples

The Civil War hero Ulysses Grant dismissed Republican James Garfield for lacking “the backbone of an angleworm.”
Obama and Syria: Fighting the Wimp Factor Gil Troy September 17, 2013

Historical Examples

In passin’ I saw an angleworm three times the size of a firehose, and a beetle big enough to saddle.
Operation Earthworm Joe Archibald

They bring us our chow and say it is angleworm and hellgrammite porridge as that is what the Subterro denizens live on mostly.
Operation Earthworm Joe Archibald

Then, picking up a sharp stick, she resolutely set to work to unearth an angleworm.
The Brass Bound Box Evelyn Raymond

He was about six inches long and had a funny, short, pinkish-white, naked tail that at once reminded Peter of an angleworm.
The Burgess Animal Book for Children Thornton W. Burgess

A man could even exhibit an angleworm in a bottle and call it the infant anaconda, and escape being lynched.
Ainslee’s, Vol. 15, No. 5, June 1905 Various

Stacy came out squirming like an angleworm being pulled from the ground after a spring rain.
The Pony Rider Boys in Louisiana Frank Gee Patchin

Grumpy Weasel was quick to see that fat Mrs. Hen swallowed every word he said as greedily as if it had been an angleworm.
The Tale of Grumpy Weasel Arthur Scott Bailey

It was only the hens looking for something to eat—a bit of grain amid the straw, or perhaps an angleworm.
The Tale of Chirpy Cricket Arthur Scott Bailey

And yet, compared to the life of an angleworm, condemned to the darkness forever, what an interesting career!
Book of Monsters David Fairchild and Marian Hubbard (Bell) Fairchild

an earthworm used as bait by anglers


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