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in English; as the English would say it; according to the English way: Córdoba, Anglice “Cordova.”.
Historical Examples

From all the poppycock Anglice bosh you talked about poker, I’d ha’ played a straight game, and skinned you.
American Notes Rudyard Kipling

For a month or two Anglice was wildly unhappy in her new home.
Pre Antoine’s Date-Palm Thomas Bailey Aldrich

The geel slang, Anglice “yellow-snake,” is a variety of cobra, and takes first rank among the deadliest reptiles of South Africa.
A Secret of the Lebombo Bertram Mitford

Here also is a mutilated stone figure supposed to represent one of the Blanchminster (Anglice, Blackmonster) family.
Nooks and Corners of Cornwall C. A. Dawson Scott

It was a heavy blow to Antoine—for he had himself half resolved to confess his love to Anglice and urge her to fly with him.
Pre Antoine’s Date-Palm Thomas Bailey Aldrich

The “Baavian-touw” (Anglice, “baboon-rope”) is a species of climbing plant, or liana, with long stems and heart-shaped leaves.
The Vee-Boers Mayne Reid

The winter passed, the balmy spring had come with its magnolia blooms and orange blossoms, and Anglice seemed to revive.
Pre Antoine’s Date-Palm Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Anglice, e nombur multipliynge, for he schalle multiply e hyer nounbur, as us one tyme 6.
The Earliest Arithmetics in English Anonymous

Some learned men understand the Hebrew to mean simply, that “she became fixed in the salsuginous soil”—Anglice, stuck in the mud.
Dealings with the Dead, Volume I (of 2) A Sexton of the Old School

The whole medical profession are getting to very high words; Anglice,—indulging in very low language.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 1, November 6, 1841, Various

in English: Roma, Anglice Rome


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