(sometimes lowercase) to make or become English in form or character:
to Anglicize the pronunciation of a Russian name.
Historical Examples

And from this initial inferiority she never recovered—five milestones behind on the road of anglicization!
Ghetto Comedies Israel Zangwill

If democratization be synonymous with anglicization, Ireland begs to be excused.
The Sacred Egoism of Sinn Fein Gnathai Gan Iarraidh

The studious years spent in the reading room of the British Museum complete the anglicization of Marx.
Socialism John Spargo

The revolt against this sterilizing and belittling side of anglicization is strong and healthy.
The Framework of Home Rule Erskine Childers

But these are almost all small places or forts, and their names represent no policy of anglicization.
Ancient Town-Planning F. Haverfield

verb -cizes, -cizing, -cized, -cises, -cising, -cised, -fies, -fying, -fied
(sometimes capital) to make or become English in outlook, attitude, form, etc

1836, noun of action from anglicize; earlier in same sense was anglification (1822), from anglify (1751).

1710, with -ize + Medieval Latin Anglicus “of the English,” from Angli “the Angles” (see Angle). Related: Anglicized; anglicizing.

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