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persons of English descent living in Ireland.
of or relating to the Anglo-Irish or their speech.
Contemporary Examples

It is set during the Irish Civil War, when the IRA stalked the Anglo-Irish, who responded with a mixture of fear and indignation.
Book Bag: The Best Imaginary Castles Johanna Lane June 9, 2014

This book embodies the deep ambivalence of the Anglo-Irish, who no longer felt British, but were not accepted by the “natives.”
Book Bag: The Best Imaginary Castles Johanna Lane June 9, 2014

The big houses were the homes of the Anglo-Irish, the abhorred British ruling class, that dominated the landscape.
Book Bag: The Best Imaginary Castles Johanna Lane June 9, 2014

Trevor says that if he is to be hyphenated, he prefers Protestant-Irish to Anglo-Irish.
Read Me, I’m Irish Mark Salter March 16, 2009

Historical Examples

Unimportant, such as the latest development in the Anglo-Irish situation, was considered “politics,” and its seeker ignored.
The Bonadventure Edmund Blunden

The “cockles of the heart” is a common expression in Anglo-Irish.
Legends of Saints & Sinners Douglas Hyde

“From the Anglo-Irish no man of special sanctity as yet is known to have sprung,” observed a Gael of that day.
Irish Nationality Alice Stopford Green

But there was yet much to be done for the Anglo-Irish route, vi Holyhead.
Speeches and Addresses of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales: 1863-1888 Edward VII

It raised him high in the estimation of the Anglo-Irish of the Pale.
The Land-War In Ireland (1870) James Godkin

Sometimes this Anglo-Irish phrase means to vie with, to rival.
English As We Speak It in Ireland P. W. Joyce

(functioning as pl) the Anglo-Irish, the inhabitants of Ireland of English birth or descent
the English language as spoken in Ireland
of or relating to the Anglo-Irish
of or relating to English and Irish
of or relating to the English language as spoken in Ireland


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