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pertaining to the period, 1066–1154, when England was ruled by Normans.
of or relating to Anglo-Normans or the Anglo-Norman dialect.
a Norman who settled in England after 1066, or a descendant of one.
(def 3).
Historical Examples

The Anglo-Norman kings of England continued to recognise the custom, and duly summoned and consulted their great council.
British Quarterly Review, American Edition, Volume LIV Various

This was its state through the Anglo-Norman and Plantagenet reigns.
The Town Leigh Hunt

There is a whole literature of these romans d’aventure in the Anglo-Norman dialect of French.
From Chaucer to Tennyson Henry A. Beers

But there was always a tendency to lawlessness wherever the Anglo-Norman went.
The Quest for a Lost Race Thomas E. Pickett

Before the close of the medival period, a great part of Ireland had been reconquered by the tribes from Anglo-Norman hands.
Ireland under the Tudors, Volume I (of II) Richard Bagwell

Anglo-Norman and Celt, feudalist and tribesman, alike were Catholics.
Irish History and the Irish Question Goldwin Smith

The “half horse, half alligator” was an Anglo-Norman assimilation of a later date.
The Quest for a Lost Race Thomas E. Pickett

Perhaps the Anglo-Norman fault had ramifications in the affected areas?
The Tremendous Event Maurice Leblanc

The Anglo-Norman language exhibits certain superadded elements.
The English Language Robert Gordon Latham

My curling fair hair and blue eyes bore token of our Norse blood and Anglo-Norman descent.
A Modern Buccaneer Rolf Boldrewood

relating to the Norman conquerors of England, their society, or their language
a Norman inhabitant of England after 1066
the Anglo-French language


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