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noun, adjective
(Austral) of or relating to an inhabitant of Australia who was or whose ancestors were born in the British Isles
Historical Examples

The picture is of a land which appeals very strongly to the adventurous type of the anglo-celtic race.
Peeps At Many Lands: Australia Frank Fox

The jaded palate of the anglo-celtic race pined for something hot, with a touch of fresh spice in it.
Post-Prandial Philosophy Grant Allen

Another very interesting school is the Hibernian, sometimes called anglo-celtic.
Chats on Old Miniatures J. J. Foster

The anglo-celtic tradition seems to have been completely lost, probably due to the Danish raids in the ninth century.
Illumination and its Development in the Present Day Sidney Farnsworth

Both branches of the anglo-celtic race have grappled with the question, and in each it has led to trouble.
The Great Boer War Arthur Conan Doyle

Only once again was the security of the anglo-celtic dynasty seriously threatened by the supporters of the older civilization.
An Outline of the Relations between England and Scotland (500-1707) Robert S. Rait

Or were the discontented Dutch at liberty to pass onwards and found fresh nations to bar the path of the anglo-celtic colonists?
The War in South Africa Arthur Conan Doyle


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