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an intense admiration of, interest in, or tendency to imitate English institutions, manners, customs, etc.
Historical Examples

If Anglomania was unknown to France in the seventeenth century, yet Frenchmen were found who appreciated England.
The Anglo-French Entente in the Seventeenth Century Charles Bastide

Our Anglomania, in fact , is grown considerable; prophetic of much.
The French Revolution Thomas Carlyle

He feared it would introduced English influence and Anglomania without their gaining any similar influence in England.
Bismarck and the Foundation of the German Empire James Wycliffe Headlam

The change has come about through the Anglomania which, within recent years, has attacked Parisian society.
In Vanity Fair Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd

I know your taste for the works of art gives you little disposition to Anglomania.
Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson

I know your taste for the works of art gives you a little disposition to Anglomania.
The Writings of Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson

It is often forgotten that this time was not in France a period of Anglophobia, but of Anglomania.
With Americans of Past and Present Days J. J. Jusserand

This Anglomania showed itself, not only in ceaseless political agitation, but also in an elaborate imitation of English manners.
The American Language Henry L. Mencken

Napoleon accused Hamburg of Anglomania, and by ruining her he thought to ruin England.
Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, Complete Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne

It was the day of Anglomania, and, as he says, “every Englishman was supposed to be a patriot and a philosopher.”
Gibbon James Cotter Morison

excessive respect for English customs, etc

1787; see Anglo- + mania. Related: Anglomaniac.


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