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soul; life.

the inner personality that is turned toward the unconscious of the individual (contrasted with ).
the feminine principle, especially as present in men (contrasted with ).

Contemporary Examples

She was a cooing and cherubic mini-avatar called anima, which players earned after reaching a certain level in the game Prius.
‘Love Child’ Game Over: Internet Addicts Let Their Baby Starve to Death Nina Strochlic July 20, 2014

Historical Examples

This anima, or animal soul, as time went on, was individuated more and more until it resembled and foreshadowed the spirit of man.
Evolution Joseph Le Conte

Wordsworth was the fellow who hit upon the idea of the anima mundi.
Suspended Judgments John Cowper Powys

It is necessary, however, to add that the experiments had hitherto been made in anima vili.
From the Earth to the Moon, Direct in Ninety-Seven Hours and Twenty Minutes: and a Trip Round It Jules Verne

With that she left anima and closed and locked the door behind her.
Europa’s Fairy Book Joseph Jacobs

To employ therapeutically the drugs described in this work is not to experiment “in anima vilis,” as some would have us believe.
The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines T. H. Pardo de Tavera

anima went back past the great dog and crossed the dark river.
Europa’s Fairy Book Joseph Jacobs

anima nostra sicut passer erepta est de laqueo venantium; when we fell in the trap.
Gargantua and Pantagruel, Complete. Francois Rabelais

He was not a handsome man, but he deserved the name of “anima candida.”
The Story Of My Life From Childhood To Manhood Georg Ebers

By nightfall all the grain had been separated, and when the Queen came to let out anima she found the task had been done.
Europa’s Fairy Book Joseph Jacobs

noun (in Jungian psychology)

the feminine principle as present in the male unconscious
the inner personality, which is in communication with the unconscious See also animus


Jung’s term for the inner part of the personality, or the female component of a masculine personality, 1923, from fem. of Latin animus “the rational soul; life; the mental powers, intelligence” (see animus).

anima an·i·ma (ān’ə-mə)

The inner self of an individual; the soul.

In Jungian psychology, the unconscious or true inner self of an individual, as opposed to the persona, or outer aspect of the personality.

In Jungian psychology, the feminine inner personality as present in the unconscious of the male.


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