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a person driven by appetites; sensualist.
an advocate of the theory of animalism.
Contemporary Examples

But football by its nature is animalistic, raw, a bloody piece of meat.
NFL Playoffs: Why Football Needs Violence Buzz Bissinger January 17, 2011

She is equally desirous of Levine, as animalistic and eager to consume him while sticky with sanguine fluid.
Sex, Blood and Maroon 5: Pop Culture’s Wounds Run Deep Lizzie Crocker October 2, 2014

But each government understands at some animalistic level that no electorate will celebrate the consequences of doing too little.
Why Europe Won’t Implode Zachary Karabell September 26, 2011

This animalistic behavior is just one dehumanizing effect of the demon that possesses her.
‘The Paperboy,’ ‘Austin Powers’ & More Film Pee Scenes (Videos) Anna Klassen May 26, 2012

So one night, in a fit of animalistic madness, Edie chops off what she has left, crying and screaming as she cuts.
Drew’s Anger and Darkness Rachel Syme April 9, 2009

Historical Examples

The battle of the rational and spiritual to gain supremacy over the instinctive and animalistic is known to him.
The Minister and the Boy Allan Hoben

The earlier phases are crude and animalistic, and involve much resort to physical strife.
The Evolution of States J. M. Robertson

Can you look for manliness, for self-respect, and self-control, or anything but animalistic sentimentality?
Tracks of a Rolling Stone Henry J. Coke

of, relating to, or resembling an animal or animals; brutish

1877; see animal (n.) + -istic.


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