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Anion exchange

anion exchange

anion exchange n.
The process by which an anion in a liquid phase exchanges with another anion previously bound to a solid, positively charged phase.
anion exchange
See ion exchange.


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  • Anion

    a negatively charged ion, as one attracted to the anode in electrolysis. any negatively charged atom or group of atoms (opposed to ). Historical Examples In a few minutes the priest of anion and the chief of the kolchytes were being carried towards the valley in their litters. Uarda, Complete Georg Ebers Now, one question: […]

  • Anion gap

    anion gap anion gap n. The difference between the sum of cations and anions found in plasma or serum.

  • Anion-exchange resin

    anion-exchange resin anion-exchange resin n. An insoluble organic polymer containing cation groups that attract and hold anions present in a surrounding solution in exchange for anions previously held.

  • Anionic detergent

    any of a class of synthetic compounds whose anions are alkali salts, as soap, or whose ions are ammonium salts.

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