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anisomastia an·i·so·mas·ti·a (ān-ī’sō-mās’tē-ə)
Asymmetry of the breasts.


Read Also:

  • Anisomelia

    anisomelia anisomelia an·i·so·me·li·a (ān-ī’sō-mē’lē-ə, -mēl’yə) n. Inequality between paired limbs.

  • Anisomeric

    adjective (of a chemical compound) lacking isomers

  • Anisomerous

    adjective (of flowers) having floral whorls that differ in the number of their parts Compare isomerous (sense 2)

  • Anisometropia

    noun an imbalance in the power of the two eyes to refract light Historical Examples No anisometropia worth mentioning was present in any of these cases. Schweigger on Squint C. Schweigger anisometropia an·i·so·me·tro·pi·a (ān-ī’sə-mĭ-trō’pē-ə) n. A condition in which the refractive power of one eye differs from that of the other. an·i’so·me·trop’ic (-trŏp’ĭk, -trō’pĭk) adj.

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