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an elephant goad of India with a spike and a hook at one end.
Historical Examples

Mowgli told him all his adventures from beginning to end, and Bagheera sniffed at the ankus between whiles.
The Second Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling

I spoke to him, scratched his neck with the ankus, but he would not stop.
Kari the Elephant Dhan Gopal Mukerji

If thou wilt give me the ankus to take away, it is good hunting.
The Second Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling

It was plain to see that the elephant had felt the prick of the Mahout’s ankus.
Mount Music E. Oe. Somerville and Martin Ross

On he came, amid a rising roar of approval, Speed in gorgeous robes perched on high, 295 ankus raised.
The Maids of Paradise Robert W. (Robert William) Chambers

The ankus flew sparkling, and buried itself point down thirty yards away, between the trees.
The Second Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling

This time I had my ankus with me, so that in case he should run away again I could prick his neck and make him behave.
Kari the Elephant Dhan Gopal Mukerji

noun (pl) -kus, -kuses
a stick used, esp in India, for goading elephants


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