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Anna karenina

a novel (1875–76) by Leo Tolstoy.
Contemporary Examples

So she might read Anna Karenina (one of my favorites) and be thinking she could intervene and bring Anna to her senses.
Bill Clinton’s Favorite Crime Novelist Sara Nelson February 9, 2009

This might have inspired Wright to enclose part of his Anna Karenina inside a theater, as if a Chekhov play is being mounted.
‘The Trial’ & More Top Film Adaptations of Literary Classics (VIDEO) Jimmy So November 23, 2012

As such, they are as “fallen” as Tess, Anna Karenina, or Sister Carrie.
The Betrayed Wives Club Lee Siegel February 5, 2010

And Keira Knightley brought her own jewels to the Anna Karenina set.
Sarah Palin’s Wore ’80s Hair on Fox; Snooki Is Trying To Sell You Nail Poilsh The Fashion Beast Team November 6, 2012

In the novels and plays of that time a coat was a very important part of a wordbook, for Anna Karenina and Three Sisters.
Max Mara’s Artistic Twist Daily Beast Promotions September 27, 2011

Historical Examples

Anna Karenina is not one novel, but two, and suffers accordingly.
The Author’s Craft Arnold Bennett

After your departure, he writes, I read Anna Karenina once more.
The Life & Letters of Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky Modeste Tchaikovsky

We have all dwelt in that country where Anna Karenina and the Levins were the only people who mattered much.
A Collection of Stories, Reviews and Essays Willa Cather

“Anna Karenina” is undoubtedly far from “pleasant” reading, since it is the tragical recital of an adulterous love.
Prophets of Dissent Otto Heller

And the same necessity we see in “Anna Karenina;” here again Tolstoy’s materials are not persons but groups.
Lectures on Russian Literature Ivan Panin

Anna Karenina [(an-uh kuh-ren-uh-nuh)]

(1873–1876) A novel by Leo Tolstoy; the title character enters a tragic adulterous affair and commits suicide by throwing herself under a train.

Note: Anna Karenina begins with the famous sentence “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”


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