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Anne, 1929–45, German Jewish girl who died in Belsen concentration camp in Germany: her diaries about her family hiding from Nazis in Amsterdam (1942–44) published in 1947.
Ilya Mikhailovich
[ee-lyah myi-khahy-luh-vyich] /iˌlyɑ myɪˈxaɪ lə vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1908–90, Russian physicist: Nobel Prize 1958.
[ley-awn-hahrt] /ˈleɪ ɔn hɑrt/ (Show IPA), 1882–1961, German novelist.
Robert, born 1924, U.S. photographer and filmmaker, born in Switzerland.
Waldo, 1889–1967, U.S. novelist and social critic.
a male given name, form of Francis or Franklin.
Contemporary Examples

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Should Beyoncé Have Instagrammed From the Anne Frank House? Amy Zimmerman March 20, 2014

Historical Examples

The Private Diary of Dr. John Dee John Dee

honest and straightforward in speech or attitude: a frank person
outspoken or blunt
open and avowed; undisguised: frank interest
an obsolete word for free, generous
verb (transitive)
(mainly Brit) to put a mark on (a letter, parcel, etc), either cancelling the postage stamp or in place of a stamp, ensuring free carriage See also postmark
to mark (a letter, parcel, etc) with an official mark or signature, indicating the right of free delivery
to facilitate or assist (a person) to come and go, pass, or enter easily
to obtain immunity for or exempt (a person)
an official mark or signature affixed to a letter, parcel, etc, ensuring free delivery or delivery without stamps
the privilege, issued to certain people and establishments, entitling them to delivery without postage stamps
a member of a group of West Germanic peoples who spread from the east bank of the middle Rhine into the Roman Empire in the late 4th century ad, gradually conquering most of Gaul and Germany. The Franks achieved their greatest power under Charlemagne
Anne. 1929–45, German Jewess, whose Diary (1947) recorded the experiences of her family while in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam (1942–44). They were betrayed and she died in a concentration camp
Robert. born 1924, US photographer and film maker, born in Switzerland; best known for his photographic book The Americans (1959)


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