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Althea, 1927–2003, U.S. tennis player.
Charles Dana
[dey-nuh] /ˈdeɪ nə/ (Show IPA), 1867–1944, U.S. artist and illustrator.
Josh(ua) 1911–47, U.S. baseball player.
Robert (“Bob”) born 1935, U.S. baseball pitcher.
a male given name.
(mainly US) a cocktail consisting of four or more parts dry gin and one part dry vermouth, iced and served with a pickled pearl onion
Mel. born 1956, Australian film actor and director: his films include Mad Max (1979), Hamlet (1990), Braveheart (1996; also directed), What Women Want (2000), The Passion of the Christ (2004; director only), and Apocalypto (2006; director and co-writer)


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