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causing ; irritatingly bothersome:
annoying delays.
to disturb or bother (a person) in a way that displeases, troubles, or slightly irritates.
to molest; harm.
to be bothersome or troublesome.
Archaic. an .
Contemporary Examples

Is it annoying that every time you sit down for one of these Scientology comes up?
Paul Haggis on Scientology, the ‘Crash’ Oscar, and ‘Third Person’ Kevin Fallon June 18, 2014

I think that the uh—how, one of the most annoying things has been how much of the punditry has been so wrong so often.
Obama’s Communications Director on Diet Coke, Pundits, and What’s Next Ana Marie Cox November 3, 2008

Also problematic with paid tweets is the risk of annoying or exploiting a loyal audience.
Paid to Tweet? Isabel Wilkinson January 10, 2010

And as a purveyor of childishness myself, I understand how annoying it can be.
The First Amendment Works, But Does it Work Blue? Kevin Bleyer July 18, 2014

Hathaway, by comparison, gave some speeches that were kind of annoying.
The Anne Hathaway Hatred Is Out of Control Kevin Fallon March 3, 2013

Historical Examples

But as they puffed on, amid the lengthening shadows, an annoying doubt began to manifest itself in Betty’s mind.
The Outdoor Girls in Florida Laura Lee Hope

When he had time to notice it, it amused him that he did not find it annoying.
K Mary Roberts Rinehart

It was impossible to do this without discommoding the legs of the company and annoying them beyond measure.
The Blue Pavilions Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

I saw that Clara was bent on annoying her old enemy, and interposed.
Wilfrid Cumbermede George MacDonald

He said the rebels were so annoying that all boats and canoes had been destroyed to keep them from crossing.
Famous Adventures And Prison Escapes of the Civil War Various

causing irritation or displeasure
to irritate or displease
to harass with repeated attacks

late 13c., from Anglo-French anuier, Old French enoiier, anuier “to weary, vex, anger; be troublesome or irksome to,” from Late Latin inodiare “make loathsome,” from Latin (esse) in odio “(it is to me) hateful,” ablative of odium “hatred” (see odium). Earliest form of the word in English was as a noun, c.1200, “feeling of irritation, displeasure, distaste.” Related: Annoyed; annoying; annoyingly. Middle English also had annoyful and annoyous (both late 14c.).


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