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Ant lion

any of several insects belonging to the family Myrmeleontidae, of the order Neuroptera, the larvae of which dig a pit in sand where they lie in wait to prey upon ants or other insects that lose their footing.
Historical Examples

It is easy to find these pit-falls of the ant lion in sand banks in the summer-time.
The Insect Folk Margaret Warner Morley

An ant lion will dig an entrapment, then hiding behind a blind, await the unwary.
The Land of Look Behind Paul Cameron Brown

It is like the larvæ of the dobson, the aphis lion, and the ant lion in that respect.
The Insect Folk Margaret Warner Morley

The ant lion digs a little pit in loose sand and buries itself therein with the exception of its head.
Great Hike Alan Douglas

An ant slid part way down its funnel and tried to climb out again, and the ant lion down below is flinging sand at it.
The Insect Folk Margaret Warner Morley

And, curiously enough, this stomach is the only organ of digestion which the ant lion has.
Book of Monsters David Fairchild and Marian Hubbard (Bell) Fairchild

Namitša is a large reddish insect, perhaps a wasp, that throws earth as it burrows; or perhaps the ant lion?
Seven Mohave Myths A. L. Kroeber


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