to make hostile or unfriendly; make an enemy or of:
His speech antagonized many voters.
to act in opposition to; oppose.
Rare. to act .
Contemporary Examples

Drones have hurt AQAP in the past, but they also antagonize Yemenis and swell the ranks of AQAP recruits.
Yemen on the Brink Bruce Riedel September 23, 2011

For all his flinty wit and occasional impulse to antagonize, Ed Koch was, in the end, almost impossible to dislike.
RIP, Ed Koch Justin Green January 31, 2013

Satirists occupy a perilous position—to skewer dogma and cant, and to antagonize the establishment while needing its protection.
Harry Shearer on The Dangerous Business of Satire Lloyd Grove January 7, 2015

So far in the States, he has eschewed the roaring, pumping, and scolding so as not to antagonize his new teammates and opponents.
Masahiro Tanaka Is the Yankees’ $155M Lethal Weapon and Strikeout Machine Allen Barra May 8, 2014

Diplomatically, though, the big news is that Obama and Netanyahu will not antagonize each other.
Obama and Netanyahu Have Reached Detente in Time for Israel Visit Eli Lake March 16, 2013

Historical Examples

Jaime suddenly realized the odiousness of his behavior in coming to antagonize another in his own house in broad daylight.
The Dead Command Vicente Blasco Ibez

Profits as a goal for the long run do not antagonize moral principles.
Creating Capital Frederick L. Lipman

But at every turn you manage to antagonize me and to rebel against me.
Mavis of Green Hill Faith Baldwin

What possessed the woman to antagonize everyone with whom she came in touch?
Peggy Stewart at School Gabrielle E. Jackson

On the other hand, we have inexcusable passions, because their psychological tendency is to antagonize the development of society.
The Positive School of Criminology Enrico Ferri

verb (transitive)
to make hostile; annoy or irritate
to act in opposition to or counteract

1630s, “to compete with,” from Greek antagonizesthai “to struggle against, oppose, be a rival” (see antagonist). Meaning “to struggle against continuously” is recorded from 1742. Related: Antagonized; antagonizing.

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