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Antarctic ocean

the waters surrounding Antarctica, comprising the southernmost parts of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans.
Historical Examples

His explorations in the Antarctic Ocean showed a hardihood and determination seldom surpassed.
Captain Cook W.H.G. Kingston

Some geologists said this accounted for the greater depth of the Antarctic Ocean.
The Moon Metal Garrett P. Serviss

This awful creature came slowly up from the Antarctic Ocean, toward the ships full of people.
Marjorie’s Busy Days Carolyn Wells

They strung out and started for the Antarctic Ocean, with a big old wicker-worked demijohn in the lead.
Over the Sliprails Henry Lawson

The mate’s body was buried in the cold Antarctic Ocean, and the barque sailed for England.
Yule Logs Various

“If we keep it up we’ll land somewhere near the Antarctic Ocean,” remarked Kennedy, doubtfully.
A Gunner Aboard the “Yankee” Russell Doubleday

the sea surrounding Antarctica, consisting of the most southerly parts of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans Also called Southern Ocean


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  • Antarctic peninsula

    a peninsula in Antarctica, S of South America. noun the largest peninsula of Antarctica, between the Weddell Sea and the Pacific: consists of Graham Land in the north and the Palmer Peninsula in the south Former name (until 1964) Palmer Peninsula

  • Antarctic plate

    a major tectonic division of the earth’s crust, comprising Antarctica and adjacent ocean basins (the South Indian, Southeast Pacific, and Atlantic-Indian basins) and bounded on the north by the Nazca, South American, African, Indo-Australian, and Pacific plates.

  • Antarctic zone

    the section of the earth’s surface lying between the Antarctic Circle and the South Pole.

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