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of, at, or near the South Pole.
the Antarctic, the Antarctic Ocean and Antarctica.
Contemporary Examples

As forbidding as this terrain is, there is another force at work on the ocean surface – the antarctic Circumpolar Current.
MH370 Debris Is Lost Forever, Can the Plane Be Found Without It? Clive Irving September 6, 2014

During a scientific expedition in the antarctic he lost his colleagues 300 miles from safety.
Six Greatest Acts of Human Endurance Nico Hines November 5, 2013

In ‘Chasing Shackleton’, Tim Jarvis re-enacts a hundred-year-old antarctic journey using replica gear and clothing.
Polar Explorer vs. Reality TV Crew: Tim Jarvis in the Footsteps of Shackleton Darrell Hartman January 11, 2014

The teams of service personnel, all of whom have physical or cognitive injuries, have walked 335km across the antarctic Plateau.
Prince Harry Arrives at South Pole Tom Sykes December 12, 2013

The teams of service personnel, all of whom have physical or cognitive injuries, will race 335km across the antarctic Plateau.
Prince Harry Proves He Is The Coolest Royal As he Prepares To Walk To the South Pole Tom Sykes November 12, 2013

Historical Examples

Its nesting habits and eggs are unknown, but they are supposed to breed in the antarctic regions.
Bird Guide Chester A. Reed

But single instances—so an observation by Scott, in the antarctic.
The Book of the Damned Charles Fort

It is not possible to say so much of the antarctic Polar region.
The Desert World Arthur Mangin

“Yes—but so is the Arctic camp, and the antarctic camp, as well,” replied Wade.
Invaders from the Infinite John Wood Campbell

Weddell now made for the south, crossed the antarctic Circle in W. long.
Celebrated Travels and Travellers Jules Verne

the Antarctic, Antarctic Zone, Antarctica and the surrounding waters
of or relating to the south polar regions

late 14c., antartyk “opposite to the north pole” (adj.), also (with capital A) “region around the South pole” (n.), from Old French antartique, from Medieval Latin antarcticus, from Greek antarktikos “opposite the north,” from anti- “opposite” (see anti-) + arktikos “arctic” (see arctic). The first -c- sound ceased to be pronounced in Medieval Latin and was dropped in Old French. Modern English spelling, which restores it, dates from 17c.

The region around the South Pole, Antarctica, and the surrounding ocean.


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