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Saint, a.d. 251?–356? Egyptian hermit: founder of Christian monasticism.
Susan Brownell
[brou-nel] /ˈbraʊ nɛl/ (Show IPA), 1820–1906, U.S. reformer and suffragist.
a male given name: from Latin Antonius, a family name.
Contemporary Examples

Anthony Haden-Guest talks to the mad genius behind it, artist Francesco Vezzoli.
Lady Gaga and the Bolshoi? Anthony Haden-Guest November 10, 2009

Limato was similarly wounded when certain clients over the years, such as Nicolas Cage and Anthony Hopkins, left him.
Hollywood Mourns Agent Ed Limato Nicole LaPorte July 3, 2010

Phineas Finn by Anthony Trollope, the story of an Irish lawyer who more or less wanders into Parliament.
Scott Turow: How I Write Noah Charney October 22, 2013

Featuring hi-def camerawork from Slumdog Millionaire cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle.
Cannes’ 8 Sexiest Films Darrell Hartman May 12, 2009

And Anthony Hopkins as Noah’s hammy 969-year-old grandpa, Methuselah, who was apparently an incorrigible berry addict.
‘Noah’ Review: An Ambitious, Flawed Biblical Tale That You Have to See Andrew Romano March 27, 2014

Historical Examples

Even when the hour for starting arrived, there was no Anthony, no message from Anthony.
It Happened in Egypt C. N. Williamson

As I thought of Anthony, Mrs. East came and stood beside me.
It Happened in Egypt C. N. Williamson

“I don’t know,” I left Anthony to answer; wondering what he would say.
It Happened in Egypt C. N. Williamson

When I had polished them off, Anthony shook his green-turbaned head.
It Happened in Egypt C. N. Williamson

In vain Anthony lifted her tea-cup and the muffin-plate to her for consolation.
Rhoda Fleming, Complete George Meredith

Saint. ?251–?356 ad, Egyptian hermit, commonly regarded as the founder of Christian monasticism. Feast day: Jan 17

masc. proper name, from Latin Antonius, name of a Roman gens (with excrescent -h- probably suggested by many Greek loan words beginning anth-, e.g. anthros “flower,” anthropos “man”); St. Anthony (4c.), Egyptian hermit, patron saint of swineherds, to whom one of each litter was usually vowed, hence Anthony for “smallest pig of the litter (1660s; in condensed form tantony pig from 1590s). St. Anthony’s Fire (1520s), popular name for erysipelas, is said to be so called from the tradition that those who sought his intercession recovered from that distemper during a fatal epidemic in 1089.


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