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Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of, 1621–83, English statesman.
Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl of, 1671–1713, English moral philosopher (grandson of Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury).
Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of, 1801–85, English philanthropist.
Historical Examples

The modern improvements of Shaftesbury Avenue were as yet unmade, and the foreign district of London had still to be opened up.
The Intriguers William Le Queux

Shaftesbury met the king’s defiance with as bold a defiance of his own.
History of the English People, Volume VI (of 8) John Richard Green

Like Berkeley, Shaftesbury occasionally makes use of the dialogue very effectively, but he has not the bishop’s incisiveness.
The Age of Pope John Dennis

But prisoner as Shaftesbury was, the struggle with him was not yet over.
History of the English People, Volume VI (of 8) John Richard Green

Danby was impeached, and Shaftesbury, his rival, died a refugee in Holland.
The Government of England (Vol. I) A. Lawrence Lowell

The friendship of the Earl of Shaftesbury gave Locke some political prestige.
History of Education Levi Seeley

A careful examination of Shaftesbury’s writings can hardly fail to lead us to the same conclusion.
The English Church in the Eighteenth Century Charles J. Abbey and John H. Overton

You can make the excuse in the morning to visit the pharmacy in Shaftesbury Avenue.
With Haig on the Somme D. H. Parry

The body was afterwards translated to the minster at Shaftesbury (June 20th).
The Lives of the Saints, Volume III (of 16): March Sabine Baring-Gould

Lady Sergeaux arrived at Shaftesbury towards the close of August.
The Well in the Desert Emily Sarah Holt

1st Earl of, title of Anthony Ashley Cooper. 1621–83, English statesman, a major figure in the Whig opposition to Charles II
7th Earl of, title of Anthony Ashley Cooper. 1801–85, English evangelical churchman and social reformer. He promoted measures to improve conditions in mines (1842), factories (1833; 1847; 1850), and schools


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