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of or relating to a college, , school, or other educational institution, especially one for higher education:
academic requirements.
pertaining to areas of study that are not primarily vocational or applied, as the humanities or pure mathematics.
theoretical or hypothetical; not practical, realistic, or directly useful:
an academic question; an academic discussion of a matter already decided.
learned or scholarly but lacking in worldliness, common sense, or practicality.
conforming to set rules, standards, or traditions; conventional:
academic painting.
acquired by formal education, especially at a college or university:
academic preparation for the ministry.
(initial capital letter) of or relating to Academe or to the Platonic school of philosophy.
a student or teacher at a college or university.
a person who is academic in background, attitudes, methods, etc.:
He was by temperament an academic, concerned with books and the arts.
(initial capital letter) a person who supports or advocates the Platonic school of philosophy.
academics, the scholarly activities of a school or university, as classroom studies or research projects:
more emphasis on academics and less on athletics.
Contemporary Examples

Only the anti-academic boycott absolutists, like the American Association of University Professors, have criticized the decision.
Liberal Zionism in the Era of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement Jerry Haber December 19, 2013

Historical Examples

They con198tributed nothing to the modern idea outside of the impetus they gave to the anti-academic spirit.
Modern Painting, Its Tendency and Meaning Willard Huntington Wright

belonging or relating to a place of learning, esp a college, university, or academy
of purely theoretical or speculative interest: an academic argument
excessively concerned with intellectual matters and lacking experience of practical affairs
(esp of a schoolchild) having an aptitude for study
conforming to set rules and traditions; conventional: an academic painter
relating to studies such as languages, philosophy, and pure science, rather than applied, technical, or professional studies
a member of a college or university

1580s, “relating to an academy,” also “collegiate, scholarly,” from Latin academicus “of the Academy,” from academia (see academy). Meaning “theoretical, not practical, not leading to a decision” (such as university debates or classroom legal exercises) is from 1886. Academic freedom is attested from 1901. Related: Academically.


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