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opposed to or working against the existing power structure or mores, as of society or government:
Antiestablishment candidates promised to disband the army, Congress, and the cabinet if elected.
Contemporary Examples

They took an anti-establishment stance to a new level, openly opposing the government.
Cuban Hip-Hop Was Born in Alamar Daniel Levin December 25, 2014

So there is clearly some anti-establishment sentiment on the right.
Michael Tomasky: South Carolina Showdown for Romney and Santorum Michael Tomasky January 3, 2012

Literary history aside (or be damned), these anti-establishment, anti-ecclesiastical fabliaux are pure, unadulterated fun.
Read This and Blush: Naughty Medieval French Tales Yunte Huang June 12, 2013

And I would much rather have that anti-establishment code guiding our journalists than the one that reigns in Russia.
Meet the Censors, Propagandists and Outright Liars Who Won Putin’s Pulitzers James Kirchick May 4, 2014

Even more significant, however, is the reorientation of anti-establishment politics that follows.
Edward Snowden, Not Pope Francis, Is the Person of the Year James Poulos December 11, 2013

The growing theme of anti-establishment sites might just foretell the months ahead.
Spain Protests Claim ‘European Summer’ Follows Arab Spring Barbie Latza Nadeau, Mike Elkin May 27, 2011

Though Murkowski lost much of her early 30-point lead in polling, she fought back against the anti-establishment fervor.
5 Lessons from Tuesday’s Primaries Mark McKinnon August 24, 2010

What had happened to the open, anti-establishment, progressive Michelle Shocked they had fallen in love with?
Michelle Shocked’s Crazy Switch From Lesbian to Homophobe Kevin Fallon March 18, 2013

Members talk to Benjamin Sarlin about their anti-establishment group.
Rand Paul’s Secret Society Benjamin Sarlin August 9, 2010

Historical Examples

Graffiti is an irreverent form, with strong popular and anti-establishment elements.
The Merry-Thought: or the Glass-Window and Bog-House Miscellany Hurlo Thrumbo (pseudonym)

opposed to established authority


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