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opposed to or the legalization of .
opposition to , especially legalized .
Contemporary Examples

Is the last hurrah of the feminist movement to put a bunch of antiabortion Republican females in public office?
This Candidate Is Bad For Women Linda Hirshman June 8, 2010

When a Southern state starts backing away from antiabortion legislation, you know something has changed in American politics.
As Virginia Ultrasound Rule Fails, Is GOP Seeing Reproductive-Rights Backlash? Michelle Goldberg February 23, 2012

Unsurprisingly, antiabortion groups are fighting back now that localities are taking action against CPCs.
A New Fight Over Abortion Access Joyce C. Tang July 31, 2010

On April 22, antiabortion Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) confronted Clinton during a House Foreign Relations Committee hearing.
Hillary’s New Crusade Michelle Goldberg June 6, 2009

“It’s more the attitude that was fostered by some of the antiabortion movement, things that really dehumanized” Tiller.
A Murder in Wichita Joe Stumpe May 31, 2009

antiabortion violence had declined since then, but she feared a reprisal.
The Pro-Life Insurrection Michelle Goldberg May 31, 2009

He wanted the public option and would have been unhappy with the antiabortion provisions.
A Bill Fit for a Kennedy Adam Clymer December 18, 2009

He never attended the large annual antiabortion rallies in Lafayette Park across the White House, always phoning in.
What Reagan Could Tell the Right Matthew Dallek November 13, 2009

The GOP front-runner refused to take an antiabortion litmus test, putting support from the religious right at risk.
Romney’s Weird Abortion Gamble Michelle Goldberg June 23, 2011

He voted for the health-care bill, after supporting the Stupak antiabortion amendment, as a “moral necessity” to help Virginians.
The Most Courageous Man in DC Adam Clymer December 17, 2009


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