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designed for or used in defense against enemy .
artillery used against enemy .
a military organization operating and servicing antiaircraft artillery.
shellfire from antiaircraft artillery:
The planes flew through heavy antiaircraft.
Contemporary Examples

The former official speculated to The Daily Beast that Israel had targeted Russian-made antiaircraft batteries known as SA-17s.
Israel’s Dare: Retaliation for Airstrike Unlikely, for Now Dan Ephron January 30, 2013

All sides agreed that it was brought down by a Buk antiaircraft missile, also known as a SA-17 Grizzly in NATO terminology.
MH17 Black Box ‘Sent to Moscow for Investigation’ Anna Nemtsova July 16, 2014

The heaviest weapons, such as antiaircraft and antitank missiles, came from around the capital itself.
Libya’s Weapons Problem Igor Kossov September 5, 2011

From assault rifles to antiaircraft missiles, Libya is overflowing with armaments.
Libya’s Weapons Problem Igor Kossov September 5, 2011

The cruise-missile attacks were aimed largely at degrading Libya’s antiaircraft defenses, which were considerable.
Why Libyan War Is America’s War Stephen L. Carter March 21, 2011

Historical Examples

One Austrian seaplane was brought down by Italian antiaircraft batteries.
The Story of the Great War, Volume VI (of VIII) Various

Some are made for dropping five hundred pound antiaircraft guns.
Sally Scott of the Waves Roy J. Snell

As they swung lower, to sow bombs about the place, antiaircraft guns opened on them and they departed.
The Glory of The Coming Irvin S. Cobb

Austrian aeroplanes and antiaircraft batteries obtained hits on the Italian torpedo boats.
The Story of the Great War, Volume VI (of VIII) Various

British antiaircraft guns shot down two other German machines, one of them being a large bombing machine, which carried four men.
The Story of the Great War, Volume VII (of VIII) Various


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