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of, like, pertaining to, or expressing .
Contemporary Examples

And the report is anticlimactic in political terms because the damage has been done.
Christie, Not Quite Dead Yet Michael Tomasky March 26, 2014

Keeping the name in the headlines for the next few years would feel sort of anticlimactic.
The Last Dick Michael Schaffer December 1, 2008

The song was an anticlimactic ending to a shareholder meeting that had initially promised fireworks.
Jamie Dimon to Shareholders: Suck It Daniel Gross May 20, 2013

It would be disappointing and anticlimactic in the extreme if they broker a deal at this meeting they’re having tonight at 6:00.
The Nuclear Senate Michael Tomasky July 14, 2013

Politically, this new report “clearing” Chris Christie is anticlimactic and largely irrelevant.
Christie, Not Quite Dead Yet Michael Tomasky March 26, 2014

The rest of the debate was only anticlimactic by comparison.
Paul Begala: Newt Rampages, Romney Folds in South Carolina Debate Paul Begala January 19, 2012

Historical Examples

And all the journey back to Darth was as anticlimactic as that.
The Pirates of Ersatz Murray Leinster


also anti-climactic, 1831; see anticlimax + -ic.


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