an event, conclusion, statement, etc., that is far less important, powerful, or striking than expected.
a descent in power, quality, dignity, etc.; a disappointing, weak, or inglorious conclusion:
After serving as president, he may find life in retirement an anticlimax.
a noticeable or ludicrous descent from lofty ideas or expressions to banalities or commonplace remarks: We were amused by the anticlimax of the company’s motto: “For God, for country, and for Acme Gasworks.”.
Contemporary Examples

For Chávez, the end of the campaign was an anticlimax, and for Capriles, the pinnacle of his political career.
Could Hugo Chávez Really Lose Venezuela’s Election? Boris Muñoz October 5, 2012

Historical Examples

Now what can you have to say, Granville, that will not be anticlimax to this exordium?
Helen Maria Edgeworth

After what he had been through, the Black Mass was necessarily an anticlimax.
The Status Civilization Robert Sheckley

It was not till a good many hours later that the anticlimax of the recent situation struck Trix.
Antony Gray,–Gardener Leslie Moore

It would have been seeking an anticlimax to solicit any more in the building.
The Promised Land Mary Antin

An anticlimax it is, beyond all doubt; but it does not follow that it is an artistic blemish.
Play-Making William Archer

But we began at the top; and when you have seen the best there is, everything else is anticlimax.
Peking Dust Ellen N. La Motte

Kenny feathered his oars in silver spray and wondered impatiently why all love stories ended in an anticlimax.
Kenny Leona Dalrymple

Yes, as you say, a Mamie is an anticlimax to one’s best endeavours.
The Brentons Anna Chapin Ray

The chauffeur’s words came as an anticlimax to what Lee felt.
The Brain Alexander Blade

a disappointing or ineffective conclusion to a series of events, etc
a sudden change from a serious subject to one that is disappointing or ludicrous
(rhetoric) a descent in discourse from the significant or important to the trivial, inconsequential, etc

“the addition of a particular which suddenly lowers the effect,” 1701, from anti- + climax (n.).

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