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opposed to or in rebellion against an existing .
of or relating to a political group, military force, etc., seeking to replace or overthrow an existing .
Contemporary Examples

But the truth is that more New Yorkers showed up at Black Friday sales than all the Russian antigovernment protests put together.
The Protests in Moscow Will Not Spark a Russian Spring Owen Matthews December 13, 2011

Why would an antigovernment purist like Rick Perry suddenly support a health-care mandate?
2 Candidates—2 Republican Parties Paul Begala September 12, 2011

She was disowned by her family after speaking at an antigovernment rally in the opposition stronghold of Homs.
Syrian Actress Becomes Star of Protests Against Regime of Bashar al-Assad Alastair Beach January 10, 2012

Beck has transcended the role of entertainer and talk-show host and now finds himself at the front of an antigovernment movement.
Is Glenn Beck a Fake? Dana Milbank October 3, 2010

Historical Examples

Over here it has come through misuse to denote a peculiar class whose reaction is antigovernment.
My Impresssions of America Margot Asquith


going against a current government or administration


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