Antimony pentoxide

a white or yellowish, water-insoluble powder, Sb 2 O 5 , used chiefly in the synthesis of antimonates.

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  • Antimony pentasulfide

    a deep-yellow, water-insoluble powder, Sb 2 S 5 , used chiefly as a pigment in oil and water colors.

  • Antimony potassium tartrate

    . noun a colourless odourless poisonous crystalline salt used as a mordant for textiles and leather, as an insecticide, and as an anthelmintic. Formula: K(SbO)C4H4O6 Also called tartar emetic

  • Antimodern

    of or relating to present and recent time; not ancient or remote: modern city life. characteristic of present and recent time; contemporary; not antiquated or obsolete: modern viewpoints. of or relating to the historical period following the Middle Ages: modern European history. of, relating to, or characteristic of contemporary styles of art, literature, music, etc., […]

  • Antimony sulfate

    a white, crystalline, deliquescent, water-insoluble solid, Sb 2 (SO 4) 3 , used chiefly in the manufacture of explosives.

  • Antimony sulfide

    . .

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